Grubido: [grə-bi-doʊ] noun, Slang.

A person devotedly interested in food, especially in cooking, eating, and in developing a palate for high-quality foods. grub + -ido, possibly taken from grub (slang term for food), along with the Nigerian slang term "grubido," meaning "a person who loves to eat."


We’re a company of food aficionados who loves to discuss, educate and cook international foods from all over the world. A food-focused website with an eye toward helping people from all over the world connect across one virtual table.

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Kavachi, a long-time player in the Houston food scene, Kavachi, a third-generation food professional whose roots lie in Nigeria, has a passion for bringing people together through food. That passion has come to full fruition with Grubido, a company whose mission is to expand international food awareness to the mainstream market!