Grubido: [grə-bi-doʊ] noun, Slang.

A person devotedly interested in food, especially in cooking, eating, and in developing a palate for high-quality foods. grub + -ido, possibly taken from grub (slang term for food), along with the Nigerian slang term "grubido," meaning "a person who loves to eat."


We’re a company of food aficionados who loves to discuss, educate and cook international foods from all over the world. A food-focused website with an eye toward helping people from all over the world connect across one virtual table.


Grubido's journey began with the creative vision of Chef Creative Kavachi, during her final year at the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. Initially conceived as a food truck project to bring West African cuisine closer to Houstonians, Chef Kavachi soon pivoted to establish a unique platform, Grubido. This platform's mission was clear: to connect more people, particularly Houstonians, with the diverse world of African food and beverage establishments. It's a story of culinary passion and a commitment to making African flavors more accessible and appreciated.


At Grubido, we are dedicated to creating a comprehensive platform that aspires to become the foremost resource for the African diaspora, including African Latina and African Caribbean communities, within the vibrant landscape of the food and beverage industry. Our mission is to offer a directory, along with robust support systems, to empower and fortify our African community, all while curating captivating content.


Grubido is fueled by a deep-seated passion for exceptional cuisine, collaborative learning, and fostering global partnerships. We are committed to celebrating the rich tapestry of African food cultures, promoting cultural appreciation, and supporting culinary ventures that contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected world.

“Your Source For All African Cultural Foods”

A message from our Founder

Kavachi, a long-time player in the Houston food scene, Kavachi, a third-generation food professional whose roots lie in Nigeria, has a passion for bringing people together through food. That passion has come to full fruition with Grubido, a company whose mission is to expand international food awareness to the mainstream market!

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